Bаthrооm windоwѕ can роѕе a bit оf a dеѕign dilеmmа. You wаnt ultimate рrivасу in thе bаthrооm, but nаturаl light iѕ helpful for most реrѕоnаl grooming tаѕkѕ. In small bаthrооmѕ, there аrеn’t аlwауѕ орtiоnѕ whеn it соmеѕ tо thе location оr ѕizе оf the windоw – аnd intеriоr rооmѕ рrеvеnt the luxurу оf hаving a windоw аt аll. But bеfоrе уоu rеѕign уоurѕеlf to unflаttеring оvеrhеаd lighting, сhесk оut thеѕе bаthrооm window idеаѕ for inѕрirаtiоn.


A fixed skylight аbоvе the shower is juѕt what уоu nееd tо bе оnе with nаturе. An оvеrhеаd window rеtаinѕ privacy whilе bringing in thе gоrgеоuѕ daylight.


Shuttеr-ѕtуlе blindѕ can bе аdjuѕtеd to еаѕilу аdарt tо your рrivасу nееdѕ. Oреn thеm uр with a flick оf thе wriѕt to lеt the light in, оr сlоѕе them to соnсеаl thе room.

Tеxturеd Glаѕѕ 

Yоur bathroom windоw dоеѕn’t have to be on the ceiling tо оffеr bоth ѕunlight аnd privacy. Glаѕѕ thаt hаѕ a hеаvу tеxturе or high орасitу obscures the view аnd dоеѕn’t mаkе muсh of a diffеrеnсе as far аѕ the lighting gоеѕ.

Glаѕѕ Blосk Windows 

Like tеxturеd glass, glass blосkѕ let аmрlе light into thе ѕрасе withоut соmрrоmiѕing рrivасу. You саn еvеn mаkе an еntirе wаll out оf glass blocks if you wаnt tо brighten uр the rооm.

Rесеѕѕеd Windоwѕ

In a ѕmаll bаthrооm, еvеrу bit of ѕtоrаgе ѕрасе iѕ еѕѕеntiаl. That’s whу a ѕmаll rесеѕѕеd windоw iѕ the perfect ѕоlutiоn. Thе ledge оffеrѕ аn extra рlасе to store beauty рrоduсtѕ or dесоr thаt mау nоt fit еlѕеwhеrе, аnd уоu get thе perception that thе ѕрасе is more ореn

Transom Windows 

Trаnѕоmѕ аrе tурiсаllу ассеnt windоwѕ thаt gо above оr bеlоw a dооr оr larger windоw. But in a ѕрасе where privacy is kеу, a transom windоwwоrkѕ wеll аѕ a standalone. Mаkе sure to роѕitiоn the windоw high enough thаt privacy iѕn’t соmрrоmiѕеd fоr a viеw of thе оutdооrѕ.

Hорреr Windows

Likе a trаnѕоm window, a hорреr windоw iѕ usually ѕеt high on thе wаll; but it ореnѕ downward tо рrоvidе vеntilаtiоn when need be. If the bаthrооm gеtѕ soaked with соndеnѕаtiоn when уоu tаkе a hоt shower, соnѕidеr gеtting one you саn еаѕilу open withоut having tо gеt out оf the ѕhоwеr.

An ореn mind will hеlр you determine whiсh iѕ thе best windоw орtiоn in уоur ѕhоwеr рlасе. If you are still skeptical, hire a Wildwood window company professional to help you with preferred suggestion.


The main reason why you need to coat your concrete is to protect it from contamination or deterioration. Because floors are usually subjected to abuse and wear and tear daily, it is essential to do everything possible to protect your floor and make it last longer and stronger. Your concrete floors may have to withstand chemical spills, abrasion, weather conditions, heavy foot and vehicle traffic, and other damaging elements.

There are other reasons why you may want to coat your concrete floors, like making them more easier to maintain, slip-resistant or to increase their aesthetic appeal. All concrete floors need one type of protection or the other.

Here are some information about various types of concrete coatings.

Penetrating Concrete Sealers

They are often used to coat the surface of exterior concrete, especially surfaces that are prone to damage from freezing/thawing conditions and other harsh outdoor weather.  These sealers dry to a natural matte finish, protecting the surface invisibly without changing the appearance of the surface.

This coating type works by penetrating into the concrete and then creating a chemical reaction whichu shields the concrete from chemicals and moisture commonly used to deice surfaces.

St. Louis decorative concrete

Credit: Concrete coating by a St. Louis decorative concrete professional


Acrylic Sealers

These sealers work by creating a thin layer of protective film over the concrete surface. They can be found in both water-based and solvent formulas, and you can select the sheen level you desire.

You can use this type of concrete coating either in exterior or interior spaces.  Though, acrylic sealers are economical, they are not as durable as polyurethanes and epoxies. When they are used on interior floors, acrylic sealers needs regular maintenance and waxing in order to reduce wear and the appearance of black heel marks.


They are also available in both solvent water-based formulations.  You can use them inside or out and they are available in a variety of sheens.  Polyurethanes are close to double the thickness of acrylic sealers and they produce an extremely durable cover.  They are very good for high traffic areas because they provide strong resistance to heel marks, scuffs and staining.


Epoxies are coating choice that are available in one or two component application.  They could be clear or have sand, colored quartz or have vinyl chips incorporated in them so that different colors and patterns can be achieved.   Epoxy finishes are normally used on interior surfaces because they are vulnerable to UV damage. They produce a hard, abrasion-resistant coating which is durable and long-lasting.

Diagnosing Lower Back Pain

pain management in St. Louis, MOPain Thirty million American experience back pain on a frequent basis and with lots of causes how can be sure if it is a dangerous or not?

If you suffering from back pain frequently or are not sure why the back hurts there are few things you can perform. The primary step to diagnosing of the back pain is to determine if it’s chronic or acute.

The remarkable way to describe chronic spine pain is a sharp, deep, burning pain that lasts months or years. Chronic back pain is more dangerous and is often outcome of spondylolistheis, fractures, herniated disks or osteoarthritis. Spondylolisthesis is a displacement or slippage of a vertebra. People that suffer from chronic pain generally need medication; surgery, therapy or some have to live with the pain.

Acute spine pain is a piercing, bore pain that lasts days or weeks. It is caused by ligament or muscle tears, injuries, strained joints, obesity, stress and even pregnancy.

If you need support diagnosing your pain or need help reliving the pain, must consult with your physician. Spine pain is the second most general reason for doctor visits. Upper-respiratory infections are the number one reason.

For acute pain your doctor will probably advise an over-the-counter pain relief medication, massage, exercise, heating, or chiropractor visit.

Doctors can use different procedures and tests to diagnose back issues including ultrasounds, bone scans, CT, discography, MRI, and X-rays. Once the source of the back pain is discovered you may need physical therapy, surgery, spinal injections or prescription medications.

Substitute treatments contain herbal medicine, biofeedback, yoga, and acupuncture. Anyway, these treatments are not the most highly advised.

How do you diagnose lower back pain?

Diagnose lower back pain with care. You need a right diagnosis, which your doctor can top make, to be sure no underlying causes need focus. It is not ample to know you have sciatica. You need to know the important causes of the sciatica to determine cure options. If you do diagnose lower back pain, verify the diagnosis with your doctor. If you live within MO, i did say these process will be seamless as I’ve noticed we really have experts in pain management in St. Louis, MO that are doing well and can handle your diagnosis and make appropriate recommendation, but in case otherwise, you can as well do visit your local directory to ease your search for an expert

How to Install Laminate Flooring on Stairs

basement finishingThe first step on installing laminate flooring for stairs is to choose the right product. Laminate comes in different varieties of AC rating. The higher the number of the AC rating on your laminate flooring, the more durable it will be.

Durability plays an important role in the laminate flooring type you choose for your stairs. This is the part of the house that will see a lot foot traffic, so you definitely want a laminate that can withstand the tear and wear.

Once you have had your laminate flooring in the house and you have allowed it to acclimate for at least 48 hours, you are now ready to start laying down the planks.

Prepare the area where you will put your new laminate flooring by removing all the overhangs, old carpet or tacks. Laminate flooring cannot be installed on a carpet.

Make sure the sub floor is clean and free of debris, level and dry. As elsewhere in your house where you do laminate installation, the floor on your stairs must be in concrete, hardwood, and installation ready.

To cut the laminate flooring to form, here the steps to take which i also did implement when i was doing a basement finishingthis is what is necessary:

  • Cut enough pieces for every staircase using the shape of the top of the stairs.
  • Cut the same number of pieces in the shape of the vertical part of the stairs.
  • Cut the nose of the laminate to cover the threading and exposed grooves on your laminate for each stair. To do this, measure the length of the thread that is exposed and the length of the vertical piece and then cut a small section to cover that area.

Once you have all the necessary pieces cut, begin at the top of the stair and work your way downwards. In this way, you do not get stuck at the top of the staircase during the installation. With the use of wood glue, install laminate pieces on top of the stair on which you will be stepping. Next, use more wood glue to install the vertical piece (sometimes called the riser) below it. Lastly, screw on the nosing piece to complete the look of your staircase. This requires the use of screws for securing the ladder. Once you’re done, you can cover the holes with the right colored sealant to mix in with the flooring.

How to Fix Bent Garage Door

garage doors in St. Louis Garage doors require a whole lot of maintenance. Installation of garage doors and garage door repair requires a lot of discipline and commitment from one. It is a costly investment that should be protected. It is essential to know how the various part of the garage door work. It is also essential to distinguish what requires professional maintenance and the ones you can fix yourself. This is especially important if you have an electric garage door.

The maintenance of the garage door and its parts is important because it prevents it from accumulating dirt, rust and other foreign objects that can prevent it from working as it should. Cleaning the components of the garage door is not a task you need to do each day or week. It is a task that can be done every few months or so.

Metal garage doors are likely to dent or bend, especially when there are children around. A bent or dented garage door can reduce the overall value of your home. Repair of dents as opposed to the replacement of the door saves you a significant amount of cash. Obviously, if the door is completely collapsed, you should probably replace it. Minor bumps however, can be easily repaired by homeowners.

You will need to check your garage door (its parts and panels) from time to time to see if there are things that needs repair or replacement. Bends on the garage door panels are easily identifiable. They do not need a thorough inspection. However, depending on the extent of the damage, you may require a professional to do the job. Fixing dents on the panel of the garage door is easier to do than many other repairs on other parts of the garage door.

Here are some ways to fix a dented garage door panel:

1. Fill a bucket with water, add dish soap. Wash thoroughly the dented or bent area to remove all the dirt. Ensure the area is clean before you dry and move on.

2. Unroll some aluminum foil to cover the bent area and also enough to give you room to hold the foil at the ends. Cut the piece of foil from the roll and keep it handy.

3. Lay the piece of aluminum foil flat and cover the dent. The foil should be kept flat against the door with your hand near the corner and away from the dent

 4. Use your lighter to move light frame back and forth over the bent area or dent for some 60 seconds. Be consistent in the motion so that the flame touches the aluminum foil where the dent is. Once you’re done with this, remove the aluminum foil and hold your compressed air can upside down. While the can is upside down, spray it over the dent for at least 30 seconds. The can must be held upside down because carbon dioxide is a secret component in the can.

The drastic change in temperature will force the door to go back into shape. The dent would pop back and disappear within two minutes. These are basically the steps i took regularly when every am i doing any service of garage doors in St. Louis.


Alright friends, I visited an institute, a St. Charles painting  institute that happened to be close to my apartment, on asking how one needs to choose a better paint, i came up with some awesome painting tips and would love to share with my readers. Thus;

1.Getting the best paints

The best paint will depend on the type of the surface you want to paint. There are two main types of paints: the oil based and water based paints. The oil based paint is commonly associated with sheen while water based is simply prepared by mixing with water. When painting a room, there is no need of using the oil-based type of paint. This is because the modern water based type of paint dries fast and has fewer odors. It also offers plenty of gloss and wipe-ability. Upon buying paints we should stick to the brand names, it is also right to bargain, and the prices may end up decreasing significantly.

2.The required quantity of paints

Appropriate calculations should be done firstly to determine the amount of paint needed with regards to the area to be painted. We have a tool known as online paint calculator which helps determine the required paint. Advisable to purchase determination, it is advisable to purchase an extra quart of touch-ups since there is a great possibility that a new batch mixed later might or my end up being different.

3.Using primer

We should determine whether to use the primer or not. Primer should be used when: You can’t apply a light color over a dark color because it would bring out spotted stains on the wall. However, there are some paints which work as well as primers, and they should be considered to reduce cost.

4.Order of operations

The correct order of operations should be followed to ensure that the best results are attained.

Below is the order of operations:

  • Cleaning the baseboards and dusty corners.
  • Applying painters tape.
  • Putting down drop cloths.
  • Cutting the corners
  • Painting the room from top to bottom

5. Painting the ceiling

Low splatter paint which is thick should be used to paint the ceiling. This is because such paint is ultra flat thus hiding mistakes. The ceiling should not be painted directly above one’s head since it becomes difficult to see what you are doing.

4 Simple Steps For Finding A Painter Online

best painting contractor

Credit: house painting 101 tips on getting started

You can easily paint a room. But, when you need to paint the entire house, you may need a help from painter. Finding a painter online is very nice idea if you are worried to tackle the job. Someone with several years of experience will handle the job properly. You can request as much detail as possible to the painter. When you can give a few pictures, the painter will estimate the painting services a few minutes. Do not forget to give relevant measurements of the space and the painter will complete the project to satisfy you. Using a painter service is the easiest way to get great painting result. But, selecting the best painting contractor is not easy thing. Here are 4 simple steps to find the right painter for you.

1.Collect many recommendations

You should collect information as much as possible. You can think about an online service that offers testimonials and reviews from several people who have worked with the painters. By reading the review, you will know the other experience. You should sum up the review and take a conclusion. The painter who is much recommended usually has good job.

2. Check his credential

The best painter will be licensed by the state. Do not hire a painter who cannot give a confirmation of a state license. A license is important to give you more protection. The unanticipated damage by the licensed and bonded painter will be covered. When finding a painter online, you need to read the information about him. If the information is not stated, you should call the contact person. Usually, there will be a contact person so you can ask more information about the painter.

3.Compare each painter

When you search a painter online, you will get many selections. To get the best one, you need to compare each painter. Usually, each painter will offer his skill. There is also a service for consultation. When finding a painter online, you can consult with him via chat freely. You can use consultation service to know how the painter will do the project. You can also ask the estimation. Do not forget to ask the cost to hire him.

4.Make contract

After deciding the right painter, you need to make a contract. Make sure that payment is clearly stated in the contract. Avoid paying a full payment before the project is completed.